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The Emerald Merwitch is Here!!!

The Emerald Merwitch is Here!!!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my first book “The Emerald Merwitch” is available now! Not only is the book written and illustrated by yours truly but we’ve also done an audio reading which you can buy as a download on its own or as an accompaniment to the book! More details can be found here: http://www.shirleytales.com/product/the-emerald-merwitch/ 

While you’re there check out my new Shop page where you can purchase Dear Calamity Jane, a recording of my original songs, and the soundtrack to Swamp Opera, my musical play.

My Grandmother Says…

grandmotherdrawing“Don’t go round about it, if you’ve not got the point of it.”

“Sit a spell, quiet your mind then go after it.”

“Arms can reach across the ocean.”

“I’ve but one piece of advise. Laugh at yourself every chance you get.”

“The world is a small place with big hope.”

“Don’t think how you can impress your guests, thing how you can please them.” read more…


LOVEShe was beautiful, standing there like a movie star, the sun twinkling in her hair, her mouth a ripe cherry. Honest, I can’t think of another way to say it.

She turned to look at the car roaring up the drive. That’s when he saw her. I saw him. If he had been walking he would have stumbled. His mouth actually dropped open. He was in love. I’ve heard of such a thing. I felt the impulse.

How did he know she liked raspberries in cream? How did he know she would walk a mile in snow for a book that had just come out? He did, though. I saw it, right there, like he would die and end his gorgeous young life, if she needed it. It was so raw I had to look away, only for a moment, though, because you can’t miss such passion, not in real life.

It’s authentic. It hurts in the bones that you aren’t the one he loves like that.


bluebirdsThe slanting February sun
Wrapped in a grey furry blanket
Begs forgiveness for offering no warmth

She offers no golden stream
Of light that we might bask in
While sitting in the old,
Red chair in the kitchen

She offers no color to the day
That might distract us
While we make our last trip
To the post office

She only offers grey
All shades of grey
Dove grey
Steel grey read more…

Gramp and Shirley Jean – Chapter 4

Gramp and Shirley Jean – Chapter 4

Crisp air was painting the ends of the maple leaves, turning them red, reminding everyone that summer is a trickster. She dallies all through June , July and August skipping around in the gentle rain, the summer sun, the soft winds, shinning down her long golden arms, only to take them away, leaving an early morning frost ice the tender lettuce, late tomatoes and pound the fragile flowers.

Gramp dropped small logs into the wood stove, heating the house and boiling the coffee. He was glad Shirley was still asleep because read more…