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A Bad Boy

In the deep dark forest of Mewanabe Lived a boy of character called “Don’t want to see” He was beastly and biting and pretty cantankerous But not so much different than all of the rest of us He don’t like this and he don’t like that He says, “Everyone else don’t know...

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So Sad New video of love gone wrong Lyrics by Shirley Mitchell with music by Stuart Mitchell Performed by Shane Piasecki (singer), Jillian O'Haire (singer), and Coulter Mitchell (percussion)

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Dear Calamity Jane

Dear Mrs. Mitchell

My name is Alexis Mitchell, and I came across your website as I was searching out Dear Calamity Jane online. I saw it on your husband’s website, and wanted to know what a non-Heywood Banks cd sounded like. Let me just say, it sounds beautiful.

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The Emerald Merwitch is Shirley’s newest marvel!

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