Writer of stories, songs, poems, plays…

IMG_0656She’s got a notebook and something to write with at all times. There’s no telling when the muse will hit and when it does, she’s ready. She surrounds herself with beautiful objects from the distant past and listens to what they have to say. She has no choice BUT to listen and she writes what she’s told. Poetry, prose, songs.

“My wife, Shirley, is the most relentlessly creative person I have ever met. Think outside the box? She has never SEEN the box or can imagine thinking inside one. She is a writer of songs, poems, stories, musicals, and plays. She is an amazing baker, cook, counselor, friend, gardener, knitter, seamstress, philosopher and pie maker. She stirs pots that need stirring and pops balloons that need popping. She is funny, opinionated, maddening, nurturing, darling, graceful and crazy. As I always told our kids when they were little “We don’t need cable! We have your mother!” (Stuart Mitchell aka Heywood Banks)

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