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Lake Huron

Lake Huron is making a fuss in front of the cottage with rolling waves, white caps, and the wind to stir it all up. The sky is grey-green with a nip of chill, reminding everyone to finish up any summer fun that is left over. I become alive when there is no sweat on my...

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The Guitar Picker (song lyrics)

Here's a new song we're working on putting to music and an old photo of my Uncle Eugene (they called him "Zoe") who died tragically at a young age.  He had a such a thirst for life! This has nothing to do with the song but I wanted to share this picture. He picked on...

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A Bad Boy

In the deep dark forest of Mewanabe Lived a boy of character called “Don’t want to see” He was beastly and biting and pretty cantankerous But not so much different than all of the rest of us He don’t like this and he don’t like that He says, “Everyone else don’t know...

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The Emerald Merwitch is Shirley’s newest marvel!

Click the images for a glimpse and you’re sure to want more…

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