In the deep dark forest of Mewanabe
Lived a boy of character called “Don’t want to see”
He was beastly and biting and pretty cantankerous
But not so much different than all of the rest of us

He don’t like this and he don’t like that
He says, “Everyone else don’t know where it’s at.”
He packed his bag and left his home
This boy thought it best to be left alone

Now no one tells him what he can do
How to eat peas or tie up his shoe
And how folks won’t like you if you say they stink
And how not to say things that you really do think

So on his own he wandered and pined
He pondered and troubled and looked for a sign
Of what he should do and where should he go
Cause, frankly his bad moods were beginning to show

He had made a slingshot to snap the poor bunnies
He whistled to blue jays and called them all dummies
The owls were outraged and hooted a warning
“You better be gone before it is morning!”

But happy was he to swing from the trees
To play with night things and do as he please
Still one thing bothered him more than it seemed
It was the box that he locked and labeled “My Dreams.”

He never looked back after he buried the box
He kicked it and threw it and covered it with rocks
There was nothing to dream for and nothing to spark
The poor boy had buried his dreams and his heart

There was a time he thought he could fly
He thought he could count all the stars in the sky
He thought he could paint the color of fun
He thought he could store the warmth of the sun

He thought he could tame the wind in the trees
He thought he could capture the sound of a sneeze
He thought there was no limit to where it could go
But in his best interest the grownups said NO!

They said, “You can’t, you don’t, you won’t and it’s over. That’s not right and no one eats clover!
The stars are just there! We never know why and
we know nothing at all how a bird up and flies!”

The grownups insisted, “We’re here just because!”
“We follow the laws like everyone does! We don’t believe that mystery is real, that elephants have memory and no one would steal!”

They said, “Trees do not whisper, wales have no song, if you think there are mermaids, well then you’d be wrong. Come to your senses and never mind fun, just keep on doing until you are done!”

Then poor little bad boy sat down all alone
He saw the animals peeking out from their home
They were soft and furry and feathery and sweet
A tear appeared and fell from his cheek

“I’m sorry,” he said and the animals knew it
They crouched and snuffled and their noses, they blew it
They offered him nuts and berries and such
His heart started to open and they all had some lunch

That was the day he packed his belongings
And returned to his home

Your dad and I have made some changes
We no longer put everything in cages
We want to have fun and instead of work and washing and worry, we want a bit of lay down the broom and not be in such a hurry

So we’ll jump right on in, and live like we used to instead of all that no and not and I’ll never want to
Now life is the way he thought it should be
A give and a take is really the key
They listen carefully to his budding new dreams
And he pitches in cause he is part of a team.

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