Here is a beautiful letter from a fan of Stuart’s (Heywood Banks).

Dear Mrs. Mitchell

My name is Alexis Mitchell, and I came across your website as I was searching out Dear Calamity Jane online. I saw it on your husband’s website, and wanted to know what a non-Heywood Banks cd sounded like. Let me just say, it sounds beautiful. My two personal favorites are You Are, and Counting Stars. I admit, Counting Stars makes me slightly misty-eyed. It’s so poetic and innocent– which is the point, I believe. Your lyrics are wonderful, and Mr. Mitchell’s singing is some of my favorite. Has been since I was young.

I am a poet, myself, so I had to read your work. You’re a very good poet and I enjoyed reading work from your site. It’s lovely to see a person so immersed in various art forms. We can always use more art.

Anyway, I won’t overstay my welcome. I just wanted you to know that I am really happy to have come across your work. There is a line, a feeling in Counting Stars  that I need to explore in my own writing. Thank you for that; it’s been a few days without writing, and I needed a creative boost.

Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Alexis Mitchell
Columbus, OH

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