Hello, God. I’ve got a problem. I hate my co-worker. No, I know that’s not what you expect of me but the fact is I hate her. I’ve twisted every way about it but it’s still there. How do I unhate someone? Don’t we have enough to think about? Well, if You must know, she thinks she’s above me and in every way and that makes me feel like an idiot. No, of course I’m not an idiot. Well, only when she’s around. I don’t think that I’m intimidated. What do You mean it’s about me? She’s the one that turns my dial up. No, I can’t just talk to her. Who’s side are You on, anyway?

Sorry. But, God! Sorry. She has everything! She gets all the raises; she gets to go on vacation with the boss, well, everyone knows about it. I just want recognition. Who doesn’t? Of course I do a good job. If she’s not around I really rather like myself. What do You mean I would like her if I knew her? I know her, and again-why are You persecuting me? Wow, that came out of some old text. So You know her? And what do You think? What do You mean she is kind and loving and-wait a minute, I told You what she is like and it’s not that. No, I didn’t know she raised her three little sisters. She’s been working since she was fourteen? Her mother died when she was thirteen? Gosh, that would be awful. I can’t imagine losing my mother at that age. In fact, I still have her and she’s in great shape.

Wait a minute. I see what You’re trying to do. You love her more than me, just like everyone else! What do You mean love is in everything, including hatred. That doesn’t make sense. Sorry. No, I haven’t looked past her shiny hair, her snappy clothes and her good looks. What else is there to see? No, I’ve never seen a tightness around her mouth. She grinds her teeth at night? She’s scared that she might fail? Well, get in line! Sorry. She envy’s me!? I don’t believe it! Yes, I do remember one time when she brought me a mocha latte from Starbucks. I was so stunned I didn’t even thank her for it. Gosh, what must she have thought of me? She thought I was pretty and had everything going for me? She wished we were friends? How do You know this stuff? Oh, yeah. Yes, I’m still here. I don’t know what to say. Maybe I can take her a coffee tomorrow. What kind does she like? Vanilla cappuccino? You sure get around.
Well, I’ve got to get going. I’ve got a mountain of-yes, I was going to say laundry. Nice talking to You, God.

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