dearGod3God, are you there? This might be a delicate topic for You but I was wondering about some things. For one, why are we here while You live in Paradise somewhere. I mean, from the time we get up, we have a boatload of chores to do and by the time we go to bed we are exhausted from all the chores we have to do. It’s a lot to handle and I wondered if You might think about giving us some kind of reprieve so we could enjoy our lives a little more. Sundays? We can’t give up that day. I mean, Sunday’s are the days we really scramble to prepare for the rest of the week. Well, like grocery shopping, laundry, it doesn’t fold itself, you know, the bathroom, kitchen and front room need cleaning. It’s usually a day to mow the lawn and I make lunches for the week. Well, thank you. Yes, they are healthy as well as delicious. You see how hard it is to catch up? What do You mean, time is a concept? I watch that clock all day long just so I can get to a place where I can relax! Breathe? Hello? It’s me breathing here. Oh God! I’m not dead, am I? Sorry! Oh, You mean like in those yoga classes? I kind of laugh about that because I’ve been breathing my whole life and Wow! There’s that “I need your attention!” voice again. I’m listening. Okay, breathe in thru my nose and exhale thru my nose. Keep going? Okay. God? I feel better. I, well, my shoulders relaxed. I didn’t know they could do that. Practice breathing while I’m cutting the grass? No, I never knew grass had a smell. A fragrance? No, I guess I haven’t been listening to the birds sing. A hammock? I thought we were supposed to work and save money and-put a hook on those two trees? Oh, I see! That would be-the New York Times? Um, God, excuse me but I need to run-that’s just a manner of speaking-to the Home and Garden. I saw a green hammock with gold fringe. I always pictured myself in it. Nice talking to You!

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