IMG_3999God? Are You there? I’ve been watching the news lately and I don’t know what to think. Well, mostly about gay marriage.

There’s a county clerk that praises You for getting her out of jail. She won’t sign gay marriage documents for people who want to marry and she says You’re the one that condones it. Don’t mix You up in her falderal? But she’s pretty sure You’re leading the pack in the gay abomination thing. Wow! Did You just smack a table or something? That was seriously loud!

I’m just saying, You have a big reputation for being angry and turning it into a hurricane or something. Well, that’s the feed on Facebook. Feed. You know, what everyone is talking about.

I don’t feel that way. I’m really starting to like You. You’re welcome.

But back to gay marriage. What do You think of it? Actually, I read in Your bible that You’re not so much about it. Gays take the brunt of it, you know, just like the slaves, the Irish, the Jews, the immigrants, women-you name it, someone hates it. I’m starting to get a little upset with You! What do You mean it’s up to us to find our way to love? You’ve already found it? Well, it doesn’t feel like love when there’s killing and hatred when we’re supposed to be all one big family.

Now, there’s all this arguing over the bible. Folks have chosen corners so groups can fight other groups, and hate the groups that aren’t their groups. I can’t really say thank you for all that. What do You mean You didn’t write the bible? You can’t be serious! Guys named Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John wrote it? You influenced them? It was supposed to be a guide? Yes, I played telephone as a kid. You called someone on the phone, they called someone else, they called someone and the message comes back completely different. Really? It got translated over thousands of years?

Well! Frankly, I’ve often thought, seeing as the bible was thousands of years old, it might need a little updating, you know, for instance, in the fifties, when women were slaves and men came home, put up their feet and told the kids to quiet down. Then, in the sixties women updated themselves and their men for the better.
You still haven’t said much about gay marriage. I’m listening.

We muddy it up with titles? Love is love, period. Be happy for them? Support them? Pluck out your judge eye and see thru the eye of love? Pluck? You might be needing a little update Yourself. Oh, You do have a sense of humor!
Maybe I’ve had You all wrong but I’ve read Your bible, right, the bible, and it’s quite frightening. I never got over Abraham being ok to kill his baby son on Your account. You thought so too? People use You for an excuse to do what they want?

I guess if I’d never heard of the bible I might not have all these fears about hell and damnation and just be able to feel like I’m doing the best I can. I am? That’s a nice thing to say.

Love always wins? That could be a on a tee shirt. No, You don’t! You have one and You wear it? Send kind vibes to the county clerk? You’re right, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

I’ve got to run. I need that tee shirt. In fact I’ll get a dozen made and hand them out. You always make me feel better about things. Till next time, then.

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