LOVEShe was beautiful, standing there like a movie star, the sun twinkling in her hair, her mouth a ripe cherry. Honest, I can’t think of another way to say it.

She turned to look at the car roaring up the drive. That’s when he saw her. I saw him. If he had been walking he would have stumbled. His mouth actually dropped open. He was in love. I’ve heard of such a thing. I felt the impulse.

How did he know she liked raspberries in cream? How did he know she would walk a mile in snow for a book that had just come out? He did, though. I saw it, right there, like he would die and end his gorgeous young life, if she needed it. It was so raw I had to look away, only for a moment, though, because you can’t miss such passion, not in real life.

It’s authentic. It hurts in the bones that you aren’t the one he loves like that.

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