grandmotherdrawing“Don’t go round about it, if you’ve not got the point of it.”

“Sit a spell, quiet your mind then go after it.”

“Arms can reach across the ocean.”

“I’ve but one piece of advise. Laugh at yourself every chance you get.”

“The world is a small place with big hope.”

“Don’t think how you can impress your guests, thing how you can please them.”

“Chose for yourself with the world in mind.”

“Love chooses love, fear chooses fear and hatred chooses hatred.”

“When you face a choice, the harder path is usually the right one.”

“When you think you have the story figured out, rest assured, you’ll be 100% wrong.”

“Wear your new shoes! Now is better than never.”

“Though the wind blows backwards, believe in the good ending.”

“Cook like you mean it.”

“Give room for folks to be grouchy. Maybe their child is sick.”

“Your heart is big so don’t let it get squeezed up in a little box of regret.”

“Put a flowered table cloth on when you sit down to dinner with yourself.”

“Order that dress! Who else could wear it better?”

“Educate yourself! That’s the beginning.”

“Dream! Even the word is enchanted.”

“Love your parents. They did the best they could.”

“Put yourself first. Then add the others.”

“If you’re willing to wish for it, you should be willing to work for it.”

“Take mind of those who mind themselves.”

“Mad used to mean insane. It still does.”

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