IMG_1783Deep night, a slice of moon
Bright as a dagger
All things warm blooded well hidden
The souls on this eve, return for a chance
To beg their past sins forgiven

Standing at the forefront grinning
The dust a disembodied beast
I heard his thundering wagon approach
His grin like one diseased

I fell behind an ancient oak
His whip and laughter rang
The wind tore with sharpened claws
The trees bent in twisted pain

Then the rumble grew distant, the whip barley heard
I rose on trembling legs
As the stars showed their teeth
i knew it was the wagon returning, instead

My throat froze in terror, my heart stopped in fear
I sunk to the ground in despair
His horses damp like fresh dug dirt
And i forgot every single prayer

He came on like a demon wild,
soulless and mean
My fingers clutched at the tree
I saw him lift up his nose to sniff the night air
He was riding on the scent of me

The tears streamed down my face, i wished that i was dead
Then his wagon passed me by
I barely felt my own sweet breath
Till he turned and caught my eye

He reached with blazing arms, as quick as lightening speed
He threw me down behind him
We rode as though the devil drove
Chased by the worlds worst sins

In a while i saw a clearing, lit by raging fire
There he threw me from the cart
Where ghouls and ghosts and fleshless bones
Did pierce my very heart

Shrieks and moans and cackling tones filled my wary ear
Grisly mouths without a sound
Headless souls and ivory bones
And no help from hell was found

The wagon master dragged me to the ghostly crowd
They pushed and crawled and clawed the ground
Then finally quieted and bowed

He said we were once like you, but now don’t have a prayer
We left so much pain on earth
Take pity on us now

They begged for prayers and redeeming grace, by the fire’s burning flame
The sparks rose up to heaven
As my voice called out his name

I asked for forgiveness, it’s all we ever need
These souls have been forgotten
With no one left to care
Please send your mercy, truth and love
And let them know you’re there

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