Like the firefly and the June Bug
Summer was living for love
The June Bug in the low grounds
The firefly twinkling above

She danced in the treetops
And lit up the meadows
He watched as she flittered
Through moonbeams and shadows

He pined and he sighed
With heartache abounding
He knew that lovely firefly
Would never be grounding

He climbed up the fir tree
So he could still see her
She glittered and flittered
till the night was on fire

He had seen something in her
That shimmered and shone
Like rubies and diamonds
Like some precious stone

But she wondered why
He had never approached her
When clearly he noticed
All things about her

So she danced in the low branch
He, her only audience
She lit on a cattail
He sat on the garden fence

Before the night was done
She knew he was the one
She had waited on a cedar branch
Till her June Bug had finally come

Their one night seemed like a thousand
Their love was now forever
The firefly and the June Bug
Will always be together

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