There is a woman
Who lives inside me
She winks and takes
Me aside

She says I need
To move out west
Where in the mountains
I might abide

Then she laughs
And twirls around
And says, “No, not
That way-but see!”!

I think you better
Buy a boat
And live the summer free

Then she tells me
Of a gypsy with
Black and flashing eyes

She says a life
Lived on the road
Is where my fortune lies

Then she tells me
of a land so far
that I can only go by flight

the mornings
Taste like honeydew
And you ride a silver bird at night

And then she says
“No, seriously!
I know where the fairies dance!

It’s in a wood
So dark and old
You should never
Miss this chance!”

Have you seen
The diamond caves?
The light could make you blind

They hang like rope
On golden chain
And dim the stars that shine

I know the forest glens
Where flowers laugh and sing
And satin rivers
With talking fish
And speckled frogs
With wings
Then she stamped
Her foot and said, “There’s more
Then anything you know.
So come with me
I’ll take you there.”
So every night I go

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