South of Cincinnati
Where the crows
And rivers sing

I drove a road
Of heartache
Like a broken
Sparrow’s wing


I saw the sun
In a flood of golden tears
And felt you here beside me
Like you were
In all those years

We rambled
Up in Houston
In our cowgirl
Kicking boots

Then headed north
To Michigan
Where our families
Dug our roots

We were high
On life and laughter
And drank our share
Of wine
We chased our dreams
Like Sherlock
And never thought of time

Our phone calls
Went for hours
Across the Midwest line
Children, husbands, sorrows
They were yours
And they were mine

Now here I am
Without you
I can’t get you
On the line

And we chased
Our dreams like Sherlock
And never thought of time

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